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Monday, July 8, 2013

Dyslexic Woman Sues Starbucks

Dyslexic Woman Sues Starbucks

Lawsuit - wise, you just can ' t get away with goods anymore! Recently, a 37 juncture mature woman filed a lawsuit against Starbucks in the multimillions as deb was recital her coffee tab and caused a car accident. Hmm... The only poles apart body about this book is the actuality that this woman was dyslexic, so maiden claimed to have difficulty itemizing the warning on the side of the cup.
This incident occurred in Bismarck, North Dakota, and the woman was attempting scan the label on the side of her Starbucks drink while mouse was driving. She crashed into another driver, and spring chicken is facing charges from the incident, which is why chick is stiff to blame it on Starbucks. Apparently, virgin was on her way to work, and bobby-soxer purchased a mammoth cup of coffee from Starbucks. Deb was laborious to scan the undersized warning paragraph on the cup while maid was driving, and girl therefore ended up having an accident because schoolgirl suffers from dyslexia. Daughter uttered that the knowledge nonplussed her owing to they were identical unpretentious issue, so it was Starbucks ' fault considering they were being negligent to people who may have had this learning disability.
All I ' m thinking is that it ' s better not to go to scan item when you ' re driving, regardless of your disability. Starbucks had no comment for this, which is general agile on their ingredient as it is nearly not horizontal worth discussing. It is speculated that the basis that this woman is bringing the lawsuit to people ' s attention before being charged is to somehow sway the case in her favor. However, it is one of the first times that dyslexia has been used as a defense in an accident, so who knows how it will turn out in a courtroom appeal?
The victim of the accident was also disposal on waiting on the contact of the lawsuit before he pressed any further charges. The lawyer for this woman also feels that Starbucks does owe the victim in the accident as well wittily due to they printed consonant a pygmy marker on their coffee cup. I ' m not confident what witch hopes Starbucks will do about this matter, but the only solution seems to be for them to set down an bulky and easy to scan docket on their cup that says not to peruse the docket when driving. This seems more to be a case of common sense over whatever bobby-soxer was choosing to do did hinder her driving, whether or not minx is dyslexic.
For everyone major who has ever been in a frustrating fender bender, I ' m assured that they all disposition they had the solace of suing a large task for their fault. Hopefully, this case will not turn out to be an stereotype to many other people who can also blame their mistakes on a company in the forms of suing them. Since deb is facing criminal charges, it will be exotic to peep how Starbucks responds to this. And for every other coffee drinker, it ' s picture simple - don ' t interpret while you are driving!

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